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Model # RAC 40, 40 ft. of Cable, GAT-P Clamp and Lug.

Retract-A-Clamp® coiled static grounding cable assemblies provide the operator with a low-cost and easy-to-use system for grounding and bonding applications where reliability and operational stability is paramount. This model incorporates our larger cast aluminum GAT-P hand clamp, 40 feet of cable (fully extended) and our larger 5/16" Lug.

Each Retract-A-Clamp® cable is coated with orange nylon that inhibits cable corrosion and radiates a bright visual capture to alert the operator of its presence. Additionally, our unique nylon coating provides abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, prevents cable fray and increases the longevity of the cable. 

Our unique coiled-cable design automatically retracts the cable to its original shape once tension is released. This feature assists the operator by eliminating kinked and knotted cables, by keeping the cable away from general traffic flow thus prevent tripping hazards, by allowing for easy handling and compact storage once the task is completed and by acting as alert in the event of a clamp accidentally disconnecting from its contact point. 

The GAT-P clamp incorporates a release harness that opens the clamp in the event of over extension of the cable. Additionally, we use a thicker 3/16" cable for increased strength and durability. This clamp and cable combination is the standard for trucking and tanking operations and outdoor high traffic environments. 

All GAT Series clamps feature opposing Stainless Steel Points that exhibit a strong biting force that punctures through paint to ensure a positive metal-to-metal contact. 

Product Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Compliant with NFPA77
Made in America

Manufactured by Stewart R. Browne Mfg. Co. the makers of  the original Tuffite®.Flashlight, since 1918. All rights reserved.


Cord Length

40 ft


3/16 in





Termination 1

GAT-P Hand Clamp

Termination 2

5/16" Lug

Release Harness

Stainless Steel Cable

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