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Static Ground Monitoring

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STS300 Ground Monitoring System

The STS300 Ground Verification System provides a positive ground indication through the use of an intrinsically safe monitoring circuit driving a switching relay. Upon connection of the self-releasing clamp and cable to a conducting material, the intrinsically safe circuit is completed and the operator will be shown a green light to indicate that a ground connection has been established.

While most competing systemsn only monitor the path from the ground unit to the clamp, the STS-300 also employs a segregated cable connection to actual ground, which is also monitored for low resistance. An interuption in either path (indicated by resistance aboue 5 ohm) will shut the system down.

The system can also be interlocked ...
Static Sure_2

Static Sure Portable Static Monitoring System

The Static Sure LE600 is designed to operate in trucking, fuel transfer, chemical mixing and rail operations where grounding identification is both required and essential to a safe transfer of materials.

The alert mechanism is a red-blinking LED light that alerts the operator in the event that a loss of ground connection has occurred or has not taken place. The unit is well positioned in the market where portability, lack of electrical service and the monitoring of ...

Bond-Rite Self Testing Clamps

The revolutionary design of the various Bond-Rite products available offer enhanced safety and security by continuously testing the connection of the clamp to the container or other conductive equipment and provides a visual verification of this condition back to the operator. The Bond-Rite is generally used when only a visual indication of proper ground or bond is necessary.

Earth-Rite Plus and Earth-Rite RTR™ Static Ground Indicating & Interlock Systems

Operating off-of a main power supply, these systems confirm the connection and monitor the static ground path according to North American and International static control requirements and provide both a red & green LED light display as well as an internal voltage free switch contact to interlock with pumps, valves, alarms or other control devises.
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Earth-Rite FIBC Ground Indicator

This system is specifically designed for Type C “super-sacks” or “big bags”. The system insures that the bag is within the correct design parameters with respect to conductivity and ground resistance before filling or discharging can take place. The system provides a red & green LED light display as well as an internal voltage free switch contact to a designated control devise.
Earth -Rite Multipoint

Earth-Rite Multipoint Static Grounding and Bonding Monitor System

This system is designed to provide grounding and ground monitoring of multiple connection points simultaneously through one common monitoring panel. The system provides a red & green LED light display for each station being monitored as well as an internal voltage free switch contact to a designated control devise.
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Mobile Bonding and Grounding Systems

There are situations where mobile vehicles must operate within, or close to, potentially explosive (flammable) atmospheres and where a static spark can have dangerous consequences. These applications can include vacuum trucks, emergency response/hazmat vehicles and refueling trucks. The Mobile Bonding and Grounding Systems reinforce existing safety protocols by providing and monitoring a proper ground/bond connection to safely dissipate the static charge to a high integrity ground.
Sole Mate

Sole-Mate® Static Grounding and Bonding Monitor System

Is an anti-static industrial footwear test station that checks the condition of static dissipative footwear which is worn to prevent individual workers from picking up dangerous levels of static electricity in hazardous (flammable) work areas.
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