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Portable Non-Hazardous Location Lighting

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Model VY-3 Vapor-Proof Portable Work Light

Vapor-proof Portable Work Light
100 Watt Incandescent

The VY-3 gasketed portable light has been adopted as a standard inspection light by many refineries. The heavy-duty Tuffite® material and vapor-proof design provides protection against electrical hazards. The model VSA50 assembly offers the VY-3 light with 50 ft. cord and transformer to provide 12-volt power at the light for added personnel protection.

Stubby II Series Lights

The STUBBY II series of fluorescent work lights are ideal for use in non-hazardous locations and where water vapor or moisture can present risks to the worker. Our exclusive vapor-proof clamps keep water-vapors out of the light. The "rough service" fluorescent lights offer extra bright light with lightweight design. Oil and water resistant SJTOW-A cords are provided in 25-ft and 50-ft lengths.

Fluorescent/Portable String Lights

Non-hazardous Locations
Series 6600 String Lights are designed to provide a bright, rugged and easy to use task lighting system. The Series 6600 Lighting System provides a modular system of lights which gives you the flexibility to use an individual light for specific tight locations or the lights can be strung together to light up the interior of an aircraft. The lights are available with horizontal or vertical hangers. The clear tubes are chemhardened.
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