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Bond-Rite Self Testing Clamps

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Bond-Rite Clamp

The Newson Gale series of self testing clamps and static bond indicating systems provide local indication of proper grounding or bonding for applications where interlock control is not practical or required and where only a visual confirmation of proper continuity is necessary. All units utilize certified Intrinsically Safe (IS) monitoring circuits suitable for use in all hazardous (flammable or combustible) atmospheres. All units operate on an on-going basis and reduce the need for periodic resistance checks for proper continuity and eliminate the concern of an object being properly grounded or bonded. Ground resistance is set at a measurement of < 10 Ohms, complying with current NFPA77 (2007 edition) requirements. Confirmation of proper ground or bond is provided in the way of a flashing green LED light indicator. Most units include a self-contained battery (9-volt) power supply which provides ease in installation and eliminates any need for installation wiring.

FM certified for use in Class I & II, Division I, Groups A through G hazardous atmospheres.

European certification Ex II 1 GD EEx ia IIC T4
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